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Recently, I discovered some “dirty truths” about Facebook that I found somewhat disturbing, even though the situation can probably be explained with personal and cultural differences. Nevertheless, I find the practice offensive.

In a nutshell, it’s become more and more popular for people to create “levels” or “castes” of Facebook friends who they give different “access rights” to content on their FB pages.

If you are not familiar with Facebook lists, here is a quick tutorial. This feature allows you to create lists of “friends” and to then limit their access to your Facebook content through settings in the profile area.

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by Todd Wilms

Last night, my San Francisco Giants won the World Series.  I say “my” SF Giants because like a lot of people, I have jumped on the bandwagon and feel in love with this scrappy team from the Bay.  Truth be told, I am a Cleveland Indians fan from my childhood days, but they are not going to win anything soon, so “a Giants fan I be.” Anyway . . . I was with friends and family having dinner in the Castro, when the Giants won. (more…)

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