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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


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How much time one should spend on social media, on which channels, and where the line should be drawn to one’s private life is a very difficult question, and in a way, everybody has to answer it for themselves.  This blogs attempts to provide some guidance.

 Recently, the following (common) question(s) landed in my inbox:

“Lately, I am confronted with certain challenges…the difficulty to keep private and work related issues apart (especially on Fb). In my work environment the offerings exploded and I don’t really know which one of them actually helps me doing my job. If I choose to get active in every offering that we now promote, I can spend my whole day just reading work-related Fb posts, tweets, microblogs, community discussions etc. Honestly I feel overwhelmed by this, as on some days I struggle to get through my inbox, then I don’t even think about other sources. And whats next? Work Tumblr, Work Google+….? Is there a comprehensive overview of which Social Network offerings are available for which purpose?”


Here my Thoughts on the Topic:

The question is a bit like saying, “how much time should I spend being on the phone, having informal conversations in the hall way, on email and in meetings? And how many hours should I put in before I switch off the PC and work phone?”

The answer is: it depends. 

 As high-tech <or fill in your industry here> workers, we are entrusted with the responsibility to figure these things out for ourselves based on our overall objectives for our jobs. But just like with time management in general, of course, it makes sense to discuss this topic with others and see if there are people who have cracked the code better than we have. Begin by asking yourself:

  • What social media channels support me in achieving my goals? Which ones suck up my time and have little impact? (This will likely require some research and experimentation.)

Read the full blog here.

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For a panel discussion at the quarterly Silicon Valley Enterprise Social Media Council this June, I received the following request:

“Identify some of the major problems that you face as a leader of social media within your organization. I thought it’d be great for each of us to email our top 5 problems to see if there are consistent issues across our teams. It’s OK if you don’t have all of the solutions, that’s why we come together, right? Be honest!” (thanks, Alex Plant from NetApp :-))

After some thought, and reading what some of my peers had already listed, I sent the following response:

  • Myth #1: Social media is free
  • Myth #2: “2,000 Twitter followers” is a meaningful business goal
  • Myth #3: Social media is global
  • Myth #4: It’s easy to find content for social media
  • Myth #5: Marketing people have integrated social media into their tool kit

I could write a blog on each of these myths but let me give you the short rational behind each one:

Myth #1: Social Media is Free

  • It takes significant resources and time to develop social media objectives, find your target audience/build a community for your target audience, to engage, and measure your impact.
  • You always read that “content is king” in social media and that is true. You need subject matter experts who can write and communicate, as well as social media-ready content.

Read the full post here.


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This blog is for all those who have not yet signed up for Twitter but want to get started. If you are a savvy Twitter user, don’t read this blog; but you might be interested in my “Top 5 Dos and Don’ts for Twitter” blog. 

I frequently get asked “how do I get started on Twitter” – and in future, I want to be able to simply forward this blog as an answer. It’s my passion to get people excited about social media and to share the things that I’ve been lucky to learn.

Here’s “How to get Started on Twitter in 10 Easy Steps”: 

Click here to read the full blog.

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By guest blogger Michael Brenner.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is an oft-used phrase by Mahatma Gandhi. But now that January is coming to a close, most resolutions have fallen by the wayside and many of us find ourselves back into the same old routine.

Resolutions or not, change has come to B2B Marketing in 2011. Are you keeping up? I have always tried to follow Gandhi’s advice to drive both professional and personal goals. It is one of the reasons I started blogging. And as a “B2B Marketing Insider,” I am a practitioner and need to make sure I practice what I preach. So what is the best way to be the change you want to see in B2B Marketing?

I truly believe Life Is Short! In that article I challenged myself to ask whether I was pushing myself hard enough, to consider whether I was achieving my goals and to remind us all that we are the only ones to blame if we are not where we want to be. But is that really the answer? Let’s look at a few other people for their recent thoughts:

Slow Down

One person whose blog I enjoy and whose life story I truly admire is Jonathan Fields (@jonathanfields). Jonathan writes about how to build the life you want, offers tips to small business owners and also writes amazingly inspiring articles. In “Hair On Fire Minus One“ he suggests we slow down, even just one gear. Jonathan tested this theory when he was a big-shot securities lawyer (he’s not any more!) and found that he was making fewer mistakes and was actually more productive.

Read more on Michael Brenner’s blog.


About SocialB2P Guest Blogger Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is the author of B2B Marketing Insider and serves as Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing for SAP. Michael’s blog is dedicated to sharing the ideas, topics and marketing strategies that drive real results like sales, leads, and higher customer loyalty. Follow online at http://www.B2BMarketingInsider.com Follow on Twitter: @brennermichael @B2BMktgInsider

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It feels to me that the honeymoon phase of Twitter is over – or at least it should be.

While there are still thousands of users joining Twitter every day, many of us have now been using the tool for years, which means that rules and conventions have developed. Most of them make the use of Twitter more effective and enjoyable, some of them seem to clog up space that could be utilized for more meaningful communication.

Here my personal list of “The Top Five Do’s and Don’ts for Tweeters“:


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